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Using a 24 Hour Dentist When You Have an Emergency That Just Cannot Wait

Sometimes dental emergencies do happen, and that's exactly where 24 hour dentists come into play.

Things like teeth don’t have a clock that they adhere to when they decide they’re going to suddenly have a ridiculously painful problem that requires medical help.  That’s why the 24 hour dentist was invented, to help you out of a bind when the hours of regular clinics just don’t adhere to your schedule.  You’ll find that there are plenty out there too, so you should always be able to find the right type of care that you really need in almost any situation.

But of course, with that convenience and ease, you will find that they are not always the cheapest type of option, so there are some things that you’re going to want to look at beforehand.  Sometimes it’s not a problem that you need to visit the dentist for in an emergency capacity.  You’ll find that you can actually take care of many problems yourself without too much trouble, it’s just a matter of assessing the damage and seeing whether or not you do need to see a 24 hour dentist.

1) What are these types of dental clinics?

Basically they are just what they are described to be.  They are your normal  neighborhood dental clinic, but that are operable 24 hours a day so that they can be there for you when you really need it.  That means there’s an on call staff that you can contact at any time with a  dental emergency, so that you can get care when you really need it.  Of course this isn’t like  24 hour store, and you’ll find that they don’t take regular appointments at all hours of the night. But rather only deal in the emergencies after dark in most cases.

2) But how much do they cost?

You’ll find that every dentist is going to charge different amounts, but one thing that’s always similar is that 24 hour dentist services are always going to cost a lot more.  For the convenience of having that emergency looked at, when it’s 2am, you’re going to have to pay double or even triple the normal type of cost.  That can have you second guessing, and it’s exactly why you really only want to use a 24 hour dentist if they are covered in your insurance, or if you really desperately need help.

3) Where can you find a dentist?

If you’re looking and you desperately need to find a service provider near you in a hurry, then usually the internet is going to be your best bet. There are a wealth of opportunities online that can point you in the right direction, including all sorts of resources like the following websites:

A resource of all sorts of practices all over the USA you can find that this is one of the best tools at your disposal when you’re looking for a regular dentist or just someone that can provide you with 24 hour services.  You can find all sorts of reviews on the practice as well, so that you know which dentist you should choose.

If you’re in a bind, then this is a great site for you to find a dentist and perform a search, but also for getting basic information on what you should do in an emergency too.  Not everybody realizes how you should treat a broken tooth, or a dislodged one, but this site can give you the direction that makes all the difference so that you can have your tooth safely implanted back into your mouth once more.

A business searching resource, you’ll find that this is a great place to go when you’re looking for information on where you can find a practice near you.  Whether you’re looking for a regular dentist, or 24 hour dentist services, you’ll find that this can be your key for actually finding just the provider that you need.  They can tell you everyone within driving distance, so that you can find a dentist in a hurry.

4) What to do for emergency advice.

Of course, before you can get to the 24 hour dentist,  you have to know how you should handle any situation, and that’s why you want to pay a visit to  They have a full section on dental emergencies and how you should respond to them, so you can always ensure you’re able to get the treatment that you really need, and so that you can limit the damage done.


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