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The Negative Side of Bright Smile Teeth Whitening and Cheap Alternatives to the Procedure

Bright Smile teeth whitening procedures are popular, but they come with drawbacks as well. Here's a look at the negative side of them.

Considering Bright Smile teeth whitening is something that many people do in order to figure out ways that they can strip back the years and make their smiles youthful once more. That’s actually something that many of us struggle with, as years of coffee, tea, and even smoking really take their toll on your tooth enamel. And while Bright Smile teeth whitening can seem like the perfect solution, there are always two sides to every story. What you’re going to find is that this is not always the best method for your teeth, and in the wrong person it can actually be pretty harmful.

There are a plethora of negatives associated with Bright Smile teeth whitening, and you have to be aware of these before you determine that the procedure is right for you. This way, you can be sure that you are prepared for what comes alongside, and the risks associated before you spend all that money on a procedure that just might not be worth the effort.

1) Understanding how Bright Smile teeth whitening actually works.

The way that this method of tooth bleaching actually works, is by utilizing a special type of whitening gel that’s made up of a few different compounds. Mainly it’s actually composed of a type of bleach, as well as hydrogen peroxide. The bleach is great for cleaning, as well as helping leave a white exterior behind, and the hydrogen peroxide will actually dye the tooth more and more white, so you have a larger effect of whitening.

2) But there are plenty of negatives associated with those chemicals.

However, despite the fact that you can see a whitened effect, you’re going to find that there are a few drawbacks to putting Bright Smile teeth whitening solution on your teeth. Number one being it’s pretty uncomfortable for the duration of whitening, because the bleach will actually cause a bit of a burning sensation on the gums and teeth.

Moreover, it can also cause temporary sensitivity, so that your teeth could be ultra sensitive to hot and cold for a time, which can make eating practically impossible. Beyond this, you can find that you may experience a dull ache for a day or more after having the procedure as well. In most people these go away after a short period of time, but they can stick around for longer in some cases.

3) Common alternatives to Bright Smile teeth whitening

But there are plenty of alternatives that you can use, that don’t come with the same types of side effects. Most of them really have no negatives whatsoever, and can still feature great results over time. You’ll find that they typically take longer to kick in, but that enhanced safety can be invaluable in and of itself:

-Stop the bad habits that cause stained teeth.

If you’re really worried about stains, try cutting out the coffee, or the tea, and especially stop smoking. In fact, usually you can get away with having coffee in addition to tea, so long as you treat in the right way. By drinking these with a straw instead of by sipping out the side of a cup, the liquid is less in your mouth and is swallowed almost immediately, so that you can bypass the teeth altogether.

-Get an electric toothbrush.

These are handier for scraping away stains as well as plaque from the teeth, so that you can be sure you’re not doing any new damage. This way, the effects of a cleaning would last for longer and your teeth will just look that much better in general as well.

-Try whitening toothpaste.

While results can be somewhat limited, because these just are not made to dye as much as Bright Smile teeth whitening would do, you will find that they are still going to make your teeth whiter. By continuing use with that toothpaste you are going to see results, and positive tooth friendly practices are only going to compound those results, so that you eventually have a much whiter mouth than what you started off with. So long as you’re diligent, and avoid bad behavior that could cause more stains, there’s no reason you can’t really improve the look of your smile.


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