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Preparing For Dental Implant Surgery Recovery After The Operation

Dental implant surgery is no procedure to be taken lightly. Here's how to prepare for yours and to ensure the speediest and easiest recovery process.

Getting ready for an operation, and then having the surgery is one thing, but being prepared for the recovery period that comes after the surgery is completed is something else entirely. What you’re going to find with dental implant surgery is that it’s one of the most major procedures that you can have performed on the mouth. That means there is a lengthy in some cases, and pretty involved procedure generally, in order to fully recover from having the operation performed. You want to be prepared for this, so that you at least know what to expect on your road to recovery.

What you’re going to find with just about any type of dental implant surgery, is that it’s pretty invasive, as you’re talking about literally replacing one of your teeth with a brand new man made root and cap. That means literally taking out a tooth, and then installing a new one in it’s place. That’s pretty major, and you’re going to find that it can leave your gums hurting for some time before you’ve fully healed. That’s why you have to prepare for what recovery entails, so that you know just what to expect.

1) There’s always going to be some pain.

The two things that you can expect right away after the surgery, are some pain and swelling. You’re going to find that with just about any type of dental implant surgery, you’re going to be suffering from swelling of the gums where the implant was actually installed. But then you’re also going to be suffering from pain as the gums heal around the new tooth. This can persist for quite a few days, but normally should only be really uncomfortable for a few. Usually medication can be prescribed to help however.

2) There can be some bleeding associated with the surgery as well.

After your dental implants are actually installed, you will find that the gums can bleed a bit as well, and this is totally normal. Mouth wounds like those when working on the gums actually bleed a lot, so you’re going to find that it’s pretty easy for the blood to keep coming out. So for the occasional droplet, you’re fine and there’s really nothing to worry about. But if you have a stream of blood, it’s probably a good idea to get some help.

3) In most cases the teeth are going to be more sensitive.

Something else that you’re going to find is that your teeth are almost always going to be more sensitive after having a surgery like this. That’s because it really traumatizes the gums, and your body is going to heighten it’s senses because of this, and that means more sensitive teeth and gums. To counteract this, you have to be really careful about the food that you eat. Stay away from anything too hot or cold, otherwise it’s going to jar the teeth and cause you some discomfort.

4) Pace yourself on the solid foods.

In most cases you’re going to want to stick to liquids as well as very soft foods to begin with as you let the tooth around you heal as much as possible before actually chewing. This is not just a pain issue, but actually an issue with the full tooth root itself as well. You have to be careful with it, otherwise too much pressure too early on, and you can cause the alignment of your implant to be a bit off, which can cause you to have to have the surgery again, to correct what went wrong.

5) Overall recovery period is actually pretty long.

While you can usually resume pretty normal use once a time period of a week or a bit longer has elapsed, you will find that the total recovery is actually in excess of six months. While you will not experience a whole lot of swelling or anything of the like after the initial week or so, you will experience soreness from time to time. That’s because the gum and bone have to grow around the implant, and they really make it like one natural tooth once more. That will be a bit sore now and then, but nothing so bad it be debilitating.


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