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Mini Dental Implants vs. Full Implants: Which Should You Choose?

Understanding the difference between full and mini dental implants is essential to ensuring that you choose the right procedure. Here's a comparison of each type.

Dental implant procedure is a complicated process for anyone to go through, and it can also be a costly one. That’s why it’s really important that you look ahead and find out all you can about the surgery. One of the major decisions that you’ll have to make is on whether or not to have mini dental implants or full sized implants put into your mouth. The differences that you’ll find with both can be numerous, as well as the advantages and even cost is concerned. That’s why it’s important you know which types are going to be the best for you to choose, based upon your medical needs.

1) The difference between both sets of dental implants.

Dental implants are made to totally replace the root and structure of a tooth once one has been destroyed, pulled or if you have a major problem. Most typically they are constructed from solid metal, and are implanted within the gum as a total man made replacement to your natural root. Full dental implants feature this small metallic man made root, and then one addition in the form of a topper that’s made to look like a natural tooth. This way, you can totally replace one tooth and get the look and functionality that you would have had otherwise.

However, with mini dental implants, you’re going to find that the top of the implant is never installed, so that you instead just have a metallic rod sticking up from your gums. Of course, that’s not the end product that you want to have, so you still need to do something with that, which is where dentures or a similar device are installed. With denture attachments, you can actually get them rigidly attached to the implants, so there’s no risk of them slipping off when you chew any types of foods.

2) Comparing costs.

What you’re going to find with just about all types of oral dental implants like these is that they are all almost evenly priced. You’re going to find that the major and most expensive part of the surgery, which is installation of the base and man made root of your tooth, is the same through both. That means you’re looking at the full cost of the surgery in both cases, which can usually run into the thousands. What’s more, they usually are not covered by insurance, so you will be faced with the whole cost.

However, you can save a little bit of money with just mini dental implants, because they involve that little bit less work, and fewer actual visits once the surgery has taken place. That can make a difference of some sort, if not a significant one to make or break whether or not you get either type of surgery.

3) Both have about the same long term health care requirements.

When you have dental implants the main thing that come alongside them is actually protecting your teeth that much more, and ensuring that your oral hygiene is perfect. That’s because the metallic root is much more susceptible to corruption than your actual natural root so your tooth care has to be impeccable. What’s more, you have to be careful about using some sorts of tooth care substances because they can be bad for the metal.

However, the care is usually a bit easier with mini dental implants, as you can remove your dentures when not in use for full cleaning as the need dictates. This way they are much easier to handle gently, and you’re able to soak them so that you can totally disinfect and keep them safe for use on a daily basis. What you’re also going to find is that it can be easier to actually clean and clear your gums without the teeth in there, as you can gently care and caress them without too much issue.

But of course before you make any type of a decision you always want to meet with a dentist beforehand. They can better guide you throughout the process of caring for full or mini dental implants, as well as what is going to be needed when it comes to payment as well as recovery times.

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