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How To Get Real Vampire Teeth Implants

Vampires are all the rage these days, and some have taken it a step further by having fangs installed. Here's how you can get permanent vampire teeth implants

Being a part of the vampire scene is not really just reading books or necessarily watching certain movies and TV shows, but really living the lifestyle.  One of the best ways to do this is through vampire teeth implants.  They can literally transform your choppers into the same type of fangs a vamp would have in a flash, plus being permanent you don’t have to worry about any problems like you can have with temporary types.  There’s no worry of them falling off your teeth, coming unstuck or just going on crooked, because they will be your teeth.

But that also means having to choose what types you want to go with, so that you can be sure got he right look. Though you also need to think about logistics as well, so that you can ensure you’re still going to be comfortable.  Body modification can be a great form of self expression, but it’s also something that you have to be careful with, because making the wrong changes can really come back to haunt you a negative way. That’s why you have to think things through properly, before determining if you do want to add vampire teeth to your mouth.

1) First off, choose the right permanent fang implants.

You want to first thing about what types of implants that you actually want to go with, and most typically you’re going to want to add veneers.  This way, they will actually file your teeth down, and then graft a new tooth over the top so that you basically have a completely reformed tooth inside your mouth.  However, you have to choose the right type of material.  Going with porcelain versus something like a tooth resin is going to have a different price point as well as quality


This is usually the best choice when you’re looking to get vampire teeth implants, because they are the most natural looking as well as the most convincing.  They also last a lot longer given that they are quite a bit more durable because of that porcelain material as well.


This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for affordability, plus they are still good quality in most cases.  You’ll find that they are always going to be the right type of natural color, though they can look off if inspected too closely.  But they will still be durable and will last a long time, guaranteeing that you have quality permanent fang implants.

2) But make sure you consider the logistics.

As any dentist is probably going to discuss with you, there are two things that you want to think about when getting vampire teeth implants.  On the one hand you want to be careful about size, as getting them too large will change the shape of your jaw and mouth, and that’s not always a good thing.  But then you’re also going to find that you have to blunt them as you would do a natural tooth.

If your permanent fang implants are too sharp, you’ll find that they can actually cut into your gums in addition to the inside of your mouth too.  That can be a huge problem, and can promote a lot of overall discomfort, so make sure they have more of a blunted design. That way they are still going to look like fangs, but they are also not going to be uncomfortable.

3) Considerations

Your teeth have to be in impeccable condition for vampire teeth implants to be installed, because of the harshness of the procedure and the artificial nature of the supplies. That means you cannot have cavities or anything, otherwise there’s a whole different process you have to go through so that these can be treated and restored first, before you can actually have your teeth installed.

4) Finding the right dentist

Just about any cosmetic surgeon that specializes with teeth should be able to have these installed for you.  This way, you can ensure that vampire teeth implants are going to be able to be installed, and will be permanent at the same time.  No worry about cost either, as usually there are payment plans that you can get on with most dentists, so long as you have great credit.


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