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Using carbamide peroxide teeth whitening solution can give you amazing results from the convenience of your home.

Adding the right type of appeal to your smile is a necessity if you always want to make a memorable first impression.  Teeth that are less than white or that look a little worse for wear are always going to say something about you, and it’s never something very positive. That’s why so many people look to whitening to strip off years of wear and tear and make their teeth look new again.  One such method is through carbamide peroxide teeth whitening and it’s proven to be extremely effective.

There are several advantages to carbamide peroxide teeth whitening, whether you’re talking about just how good the job is going to look when complete, to how easy it is for you to do as well.  You’ll find that it’s a lot safer than other types of materials too, like the really harsh chemicals used in the dentist’s office.  But perhaps the biggest bonus of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening is that you can do it right at home, so there’s no need to even go to the dentist, so long as you have the process down.

1) First off, you need a teeth tray.

This is vital, as you’re going to need something that’s shaped for your teeth and the size of your mouth.  While you can use more general types of inserts, they tend to not be as effective, as ones that are made for your teeth are going to be of the right size so that you can ensure direct contact with your bleaching agent, which you need if you want to whiten them up a lot. That means you may have to go to the dentist to have a tray made, but the process is pretty easy and doesn’t cost too much.

2) Buying the right solution.

You’ll find that you want to buy the right type of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening solution, because they can come in all different types and with different results.  Some have additives that will whiten but will also give your teeth more of a sparkling glow as well, that can have you really looking great, and can be a fun way to dress up your mouth as well.  But it’s important that you buy some type, so that you can ensure that you actually have your whitening agent. Just about any pharmaceuticals retailer should be able to hook you up no problem.

3) Now it’s time to whiten your teeth.

Once you have a tray and teeth whitening gel you’re ready to go to work. Typically you just want to put a drop or two into each section for your teeth, and you want to be sure that it’s spread around well enough so that there’s going to be contact with your teeth all throughout the front where people will see the most.  That way, you can ensure that you’re going to get your desired results in one go around.  If there are gaps in the tray that are not covered, then you can get sections of your teeth that are not successfully whitened and you don’t want that.

Insert the tray so that it sits on your teeth comfortably, but be careful not to squeeze out too much of the carbamide peroxide teeth whitening solution anywhere.  And you also want to be careful with this because you have to wipe up any excess with a cotton swap so that you can avoid irritation in the gums. You’ll find that any amount of this can really irritate your gums in unforeseen ways, and that can ruin the look that you’re going for.

Now you want to leave the carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel on your teeth for the duration of time than you’re supposed to, but not for any longer.  The gels have different requirements, so you want to carefully read the label and any included information to see.  But make sure that you’re careful, as leaving them on too long can be bad, and you don’t want to mess around with chemicals that can cause irritation or discomfort when used too much.

4) Now you should be good to go.

After you’ve held the tray on long enough, your teeth should be ready to go, and you can brush the remaining materials away.  Typically you want to go with a whitening toothpaste too, just so that you can keep the positive results going.  But you should start seeing results within the first few sessions, and after a few weeks they’ll be really noticeable.

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