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Finding Free Dental Work In Your Community

If you can't afford the cost of a procedure or cleaning, how can you find free dental work? Here are 4 methods that may actually work.

Everybody needs dental care, whether you’re talking about a regular tooth cleaning, or something like a full operation like a root canal or something more major as well. You’ll find that there’s a lot that can go wrong with your teeth if you don’t take care of them, and that’s something that you really don’t want to have to deal with.  But also the cost of keeping up on your teeth is something that a lot of people can have trouble coping with, as most forms of care are just too expensive.  That’s where finding free dental work is so essential to keeping your costs down.

You’ll discover that there are plenty of ways that you can keep your dentistry affordable as well, so long as you’re looking through the right channels.  It’s just a matter of knowing what types of sources usually provide free care, and where you can go to get the type of care that you can really count upon in the long run.  There are guaranteed to be all sorts of sources in your community, and you just have to go looking for what’s on offer at any given time:

Method #1 – Dental teaching schools

One of the first places that you want to check is dental teaching schools, as they always offer free dental work when it comes to the basics.  If you need a cleaning or a regular checkup, you’re going to be able to look here for that type of care no problem.  But you’ll also find that they will usually handle the more major stuff as well, though typically that will come at some cost.  You’ll find that the major surgeries like root canals, braces, and other such things will be provided and at a massive discount, but it’s always hard to find free dental work that encompasses these.

Method #2 – Free hospitals

In some cases, there may actually be a free charitable hospital in your area where you can get totally free care as well.  You’re going to find that usually the services are limited to only those that really need it, so you will have to meet certain financial requirements and such.  That means you’re going to have to fall in line with certain standards like how much you make or can afford to pay, as well as what type of work it is that you actually need.

Method #3 – Free weekends or opportunities for services

You’re going to find that in some cases you’ll also be able to get in to normal clinics that provide care for free community weekends, or even through special events.  You’ll find that typically these are limited to the children or even the elderly, but they are great opportunities to get in there for a cleaning and even some lessons on taking care of your teeth at literally no cost.  That’s where you want to look into local community events, or check into what’s being provided by local clinics as well.

But then you’re also going to find that free dental work can be found at many community centers as well when these types of special promotions are around. You’ll find that whether you’re talking about special events held at nursing homes, schools or even churches, you can typically get some form of basic care or get a dentist to look at your teeth.

Method #4 – Government insurance coverage

There are usually plenty of government initiatives in your area that can help supply care as well if you’re looking in the right places. You’ll find that through the right channels such as Medicaid or even Medicare you can buy into dental coverage that’s extremely low priced or even free for the young and the old, if you meet the standards set by the local government financially.

An Alternative: Dental discount plans for affordable care

Of course, when you can’t find something free you’ll find that buying into dental discount plans may be your only option. There should be plenty of choices available then, and you’ll find that they take off the cost of the care that you would have to pay for anyways. They can involve discounts on cleanings, regular visits or even more major surgeries.  While it may not be free dental work, at least this can help you pay for the cost of regular care.


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