Know your dental facts before making decisions

Do You Really Need Dental And Vision Insurance?

Is dental and vision insurance really necessary, or a waste of money? Let's dig a bit deeper to see.

When you’re looking at your company’s health plan, and you’re deciding on the types of insurance that you want to buy into, the question of whether or not dental and vision insurance is right for you, is going to come up.  That’s because you’re going to find that with these types of insurance, they are services that you don’t usually need to survive.  That’s why a lot of people tend to avoid them, however this can be both good in some ways, as well as really bad depending upon the circumstances.  Insurance is a tricky thing, and you really have to make a careful comparison if you’re to know what’s right for you.

That means you have to think about what these plans actually have to offer, and what they are going to be able to provide in terms of the overall quality of the plan itself.  You’re going to find that while dental and vision insurance are not required, they are nice to have, and that can be worth the cost of admission by itself.  So always think about these points before you decide one way or another in the end:

What does dental and vision insurance actually provide for?

This is the number one thing to realize before choosing either way.  You’re going to find that determining what type of insurance you need to get means knowing what it can do for you.  Dental is all about covering your mouth for emergencies, in addition to paying for routine visits.  So that means they are going to help out paying for your teeth cleanings, and other common procedures as well.  But then they are also going to cover expensive needs as well, whether you have to have a root canal, major surgery or even a prosthesis, which is handy because those things can be really expensive.

Vision is going to work in about the same way, where you can count on normal visits to be covered in addition to prosthesis and treatment when you need them.  Let’s say you need some sort of corrective vision operation, when it comes to fixing your vision with insurance you can usually afford to choose from glasses, contacts or surgery, which you would not be able to do without a plan.

But do you actually need them?

This is the major question that you face, and there are really two sides to the problem.  When you’re talking about dental and vision insurance plans, you technically don’t require them as they are mainly for preventive care.  Usually most people will only ever need them for preventive reasons, and that means that you’re overpaying for normal doctor’s visits that would be cheaper to buy into out of pocket.

However, then there’s the other school of thought.  What you’re going to find if you end up really needing care or treatment of any kind, is that it can get really expensive really fast.  So in the same way that you pay for auto insurance even though you may never need it as long as you own a vehicle, you’ll find that this is good to have to make sure you can pay for emergencies.  Let’s say a major eye issue or tooth issue comes up, can you cope with thousands upon thousands to have it fixed?  Not many people can, so it’s vital that you’re able to protect yourself with insurance that can take care of those costs for you.  Your insurance policy can really save your life in terms of how it can help you with your finances.

Final Verdict

But then deciding what type of dental and vision insurance plans you want to go with is really about weighting cost over the advantages therein.  Yes it’s a fact that this insurance can help you sleep more soundly at night, knowing you can cover the cost of most things that could come up.  However, that clarity of mind will come at a cost.  This is why you want to compare your dental and vision insurance quotes before making a decision, because if you can swing the cost easily, then why not right?  But some plans can be pretty expensive, and if you’re approaching something that’s of health insurance or car insurance proportions, then you might just want to say no.


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