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Considering 4 Different Types of Tooth Replacement Options For Your Mouth

If you've lost any number of teeth, tooth replacement options exist that can make it look as if nothing ever happened. Here are the top methods in the field.

Losing a tooth can happen to anyone, and it’s not always because of a lack of care. In fact, it can be because of infection, injury, or any number of other reasons as well. But coping with that lost tooth is always going to be hard, especially if it was one that was at the front of your mouth. Nobody really wants to have a gap in their teeth, especially in the front, as it really doesn’t make for a good first impression. That’s why it’s important you find the right type of tooth replacement option so that you can get your mouth feeling whole again.

You would be surprised by the amount of different types of replacements that are out there for teeth, but in terms of the really good options there are only about 4. Not all of them are realistic for everyone, and it can be a matter of really coping with cost, or even with what comes with the type of operation that you’re going to need to have in regards to your teeth. But one thing you will find is that tooth replacement options are the best chance that you have for regaining that pearly white smile like you used to have, after something tragic happens to one of your teeth.

There are a few options to consider, and while this list can help you, it’s also important to realize that talking to a dentist is always advised for the future. You can’t really make an adequate analysis of whether or not a medical operation is the right choice for you without hearing an opinion from a trained professional. Dentists really know what they’re talking about, so when you can get a meeting with them, it’s a good idea so that you can learn more about the problem.

1) Porcelain veneers for minor problems.

While this is not really for full missing teeth, it can be a solution to rebuilding teeth that have only been damaged. With a veneer as your tooth replacement options, you’re able to put molded resin or porcelain on the tooth area, so that it’s totally remade into what it looked like before the incident. What results is a totally convincing replacement that nobody will be able to see as not being your natural tooth. Of course, the only problem is that they are not as strong, and do require some care to maintain, or you can end up just cracking your tooth once more.

2) Dental bridges for full tooth replacement.

A dental bridge can be the ideal option if you’re looking for a way to replace one or even up to three teeth in a gap within the mouth. These are practically localized dentures that only cover a small space, and that are anchored on the teeth around them. They are virtually invisible, and will look streamlined with your other teeth, so that nobody is any the wiser. Of course, you will find that tooth replacement options such as these can be a bit more obvious if somebody is really hunting, but in most cases they are fairly innocuous to any observer.

3) Partial dentures for a few gaps.

If you have a few gaps but you don’t need a full denture made up, partial is the way to go. They are just teeth strips that are made to fit over the current healthy teeth that you have in your mouth, in a custom way so that they can lock into place and provide talking and chewing support without getting in the way. But they are also ideal because they are easy to put in, and don’t require an invasive surgery, so there’s no pain associated with getting yours fitted and taken care of.

4) Dental implant surgery.

But of course, if you can’t have the old tooth back again, and you’re after the next best thing, this is the way to go. With implant surgery, you’re able to take a man made root, and install it in place of the old one, with a tooth shaped cap so that it looks just like the tooth that you lost. Plus they are quite strong and durable, and will basically be just as good as your old tooth once they’ve fully healed. While many would consider this to be one of the best tooth replacement options, it’s definitely not the cheapest, and each tooth will cost into the thousands to install.


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