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7 Factors of the Best Teeth Whitening System For You

Which is the best teeth whitening system for your needs? Take a look at these seven key factors to determine the answer.

In life, there’s really no such thing as a best anything, besides what’s the best for you. That’s why you don’t want to go searching for the best teeth whitening system period, because there’s really no such thing. But rather, you want to search for the best type of system that’s going to work for you depending upon the results you want, the time frame that’s acceptable, and the amount of money that you can afford to spend. By comparing all of these factors, and only by determining which seems the best on paper, can you be sure that you’ve found the most ideal system.

Basically, that means considering all of the factors that could make one system better than another, in terms of what they can provide to you. While you’ll be choosing amongst tooth whitening toothpaste, as well as whitening gel, whitening strips, and even laser teeth whitening, it can be hard to tell what’s the right choice for you. But by following these standards, you can have a better idea of what’s really going to get the job done when it comes to your mouth:

1) Cost.

This is always a big factor and a major determinate in which is going to be the best teeth whitening system for your standards. With dentist office procedures, you’re going to be paying a lot for the privilege of seeing the doctor, as well as having them handle the work, and that means the $400 to $1,000 per visit, especially if you’re talking laser whitening. While home solutions can range anywhere from $10 to $50 or even $100 at the very most.

2) How quickly do you want to see results?

This is a big one, as you’re going to find that not all teeth whitening methods are going to yield immediate visual results. With most home methods, it takes weeks and even months for you to see a clear cut difference. But with dentists solutions, especially laser whitening, you instantly look different the moment that the procedure is over.

3) Are you concerned about side effects?

The major problem with going to a dentist as being the best teeth whitening system, is that they can have all sorts of side effects because of the harsh chemicals. On the one hand bleaching can actually hurt the teeth physically so that you feel some dull pain while the procedure is being carried out. On the other hand, it can cause major tooth sensitivity, so that you will be really sensitive to hot and cold, making eating food a massive pain.

4) How long do you want results to last?

Again, while home methods take longer to work, usually they can help to build up a better type of foundation, because with things like a whitening toothpaste, they are adopted into your routine. But with doctor visits, you can count on them lasting for a few weeks, and then it will be noticeable that you have some staining once more

5) Are you comfortable administering your own whitening gel?

This can be a big one, as some kits force you to use some type of whitening gel, so that you will have to use them in conjunction with strips or a tray, and keep them on your teeth. That means being careful to time how much the chemicals are on, and not going to far past that time, so that you can be careful. Otherwise you can still end up with sensitive teeth.

6) Can you make life changes to keep your teeth white?

With home methods it’s easier for your teeth to stain back to the color they were, unless you adopt different habits. This could mean cutting out the coffee and quitting smoking, and not everybody is prepared to do this. That’s why it’s really important you know what the demands are for that whiter smile before you undertake the journey to try and achieve your goal.

7) Are you prepared for realistic results?

The biggest mistake that people make even with the best teeth whitening system, is expecting their teeth to instantly look about as bright and sparkly as can be. But even with dentist performed procedures, this just isn’t going to happen, so be realistic and understand your teeth will be a few shades whiter. But don’t hold your breath for a sparkly miracle to appear inside your mouth.


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