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6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Comparing Dental Insurance Quotes

When comparing dental insurance quotes, it's important to know exactly how to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. Here are six things to look at when doing so.

Shopping around for insurance is always the best policy, as it provides for you the opportunity to see everything that’s out there, so that you can choose the best possible plan for the money. Not shopping around is just irresponsible, because you never know of the deal that you can get unless you’re really looking to see what’s out there. Only by really looking and seeing what type of a deal you’re going to be able to get from all the insurance providers in your area, can you be sure that you’re getting the dental insurance quote that’s the most fair for your specific circumstance.

However, what you’re going to find is that it’s not enough to just go looking for quotes, but rather you want to know what you’re looking for as well. That’s why you want to have standards before you go on your quest for a new insurance plan. Here are 6 of the best that everyone needs to ask themselves, when you’re looking for a new type of insurance plan:

1) Can you choose the dentist that you want to see?

This is a big one, and not one that all types of individual dental insurance provide for. You have to be sure that you can choose a dentist that you’re comfortable with, because if your insurance is telling you to go to one that doesn’t provide you with the level of service you would most enjoy, then it’s really not worth the cheaper price you may be getting. You want to be able to go to a dentist that you can trust, and that you can form an acceptable bond with.

2) What is covered by the potential plan?

This is really important also, so that you can be sure that there is some wiggle room for what your insurance will cover. Preventive is a must so that you can make those visits to take care of your teeth before something major happens. But it’s also really important to have major surgery coverage so that if you need a root canal, or even braces, you’re able to afford the corrective operations that are going to make your life better.

3) What are the limitations on preventive visits?

What you’re going to find is that many plans feature some sort of limitation for how much you can actually meet the dentist in order to have teeth cleanings. You want to be sure that there is an acceptable time period for you, so that you can be sure that you’re able to see the dentist on a schedule for which you are most comfortable. That means visiting them either once a year for an annual checkup, or even semiannually so that you can visit once every few months, or even twice a year as well.

4) Are there provisions for cosmetic surgery?

This is another big question, so that you can be sure that you’re able to take care of the aspects of your mouth that you may have a mental problem with. Whether it’s stained teeth from a period of smoking, or even regular coffee and tea drinking, or even if you’ve lost a tooth, there are surgeries out there to help you. However they are not considered medically necessary, and usually you end up paying out of pocket. But there are plenty of plans that provide provisions for actually paying for things like veneers under the right circumstances, so that you can get your mouth looking great once more.

5) Are there dental discount programs?

With discounts you’ll find that you can get cheaper insurance, by visiting dentist within the network and using discounts for some operations instead of your actual plan. Moreover, there are also plenty of rewards programs that work much in the same way as a result for your good and diligent care when it comes to keeping up with your preventive visits.

6) Finally, what are you going to have to pay each month?

This means thinking about how much your monthly premiums are going to be for single or family coverage, as well as what you have to pay in terms of insurance co-pays as well as your deductible. With all of these dental insurance quote factors, you have to carefully play with each to find a plan that’s affordable. If your individual dental insurance is not affordable, it is not the right plan for you.


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